The Eastern Bloc and the how to write an essay about my family history Berlin Wall were still in place back in 1988 when HRX’s first and only truck drove aboard the M/S Georg Ots ferry and headed to the Port of Tallinn in Estonia. That single trip between Helsinki gliederung masterarbeit and Tallinn laid the foundations for HRX, the fastest delivery network in Northern Europe.



In 2017, HRX is a leading package delivery company in the Baltic Region as well as Scandinavia and Russia. We operate in Finland, Russia, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Also, starting this year we have commenced operations in Denmark.

Need to reach out to markets further away? Our committed partners across Europe and the globe are at your disposal.


Our logistical services represent the best quality in the market. With a modern and expanding fleet of over 250 modern vehicles and a local presence in each of our markets, HRX combines style and ease with real speed and reliability.

We work seven days a week, whenever you need to get there first.


Modern Vehices & Growing



Trucks and terminals are important, but in the end it’sour dedicated staff who really make the difference. HRX’s committed professionals are an integral part of what differentiates us from the pack.


Our mission is to provide clients with unique logistics solutions and help them succeed in their business. It’s more than A to Z, more than just getting the package to its destination. For many companies and institutions, HRX is a critical component in their business strategy.

We understand that and it drives us forward every day.

If transport and delivery are important to you and your company, please make sure you choose a professional partner, that shares your level of commitment to quality.

Need help in comparing alternatives and service provider?

Ask us for an objective assessment and proposal.

Many promise it. Few deliver.

At HRX speed has always been at the heart of our operations.

We guarantee the fastest deliveries in our markets because HRX

  • - Operates its own modern and efficient terminal network
  • - Employs motivated logistics professionals with a winning attitude
  • - Manages a fleet of 250 vehicles
  • - Was founded around processes built to enable speed

HRX is the fastest way – for your deliveries.

Speed also means solving your challenges and addressing possible problems right away. Our proactive attitude enables fast reaction and turnaround times.

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Reliability stems from the company and its people.

Reliability is not only process, it’s also values. HRX people are handpicked to understand, that reliability is something that has to be earned and maintained every day.

As a client you can trust us when we promise it will be there at a certain time.

Over the years I have come to understand that HRX really takes reliability seriously.

It’s a personal thing with every employee I have met.

HRX Customer Satisfaction Survey 2013

Tailored solutions according to your reeds

Flexibility is about understanding clients and adapting to changing situations and client needs. At HRX our organisation evolves according to client needs, not vice versa.

This kind of flexibility enables better business for you. And it makes great sense.

We want you to feel at ease. Using HRX is easy.

Instead of large, global processes and heavy structures we manage a lean organisation, that always keeps the customer in the centre.

Easy. Everything from order to delivery to after service and invoicing is handled as simply as possible, utilising up-to-date technologies and processes.