Winning Attitude All The Way

HRXclients typically represent businesses for whom logistical operations are very important. Our clients share a need for quality. The HRX service experience is different from what you may experience as a customer with either the large global service deliveries or local, small players.

With us you can always be sure, that we treat your brand with the respect and attention it deserves. Delivery to our client’s clients is a critical touch point. Our own, modern and diverse fleet coupled with a motivated and professional HRX work force and the latest technologies ensures successful delivery and positive brand touch points,

HRX is a trusted partner for some of the most demanding clients in the world.

We have worked with Nato, the White House (in Washington) as well as hundreds of leading companies.

We deliver superior service in a number of ways. For example by keeping our employees motivated and making sure only service-minded people join our ranks. And stay with us. It helps to be a family-owned business: Our employees have a crucial role and they understand both your business as well as their logistical role in it. That’s important.

HRX is large enough to challenge any global delivery service in scale and volume, but small enough to act more responsibly and flexibly. Our quality control systems and processes are made to order and clearly work: When it comes to keeping schedule, getting there first and delivering with an eye for quality we challenge any player on the market today – or tomorrow.